Keep Your Outerwear in Check with The Real McCoy’s Buco Checkered Corduroy Jacket

Modeled after FFA and other corduroy blousons of the 1930s – 1950s, The Real McCoy’s is raising the classic design to new, more optically complex heights with their Buco Checkered Corduroy Jacket.

Featuring a snap front closure, adjustable waist straps, side welt pockets, and that oh-so-satisfying chest zip pocket, if a more timeless combination of details has ever existed, we’d love to see it. Closed out with an open collar and even a repro Buco patch — McCoys acquired the license ya know —pair it with a collared shirt or tee on top of a pair of jeans and you’re off to the races just like a true Buco head.

But what’s a race without a checkered flag? That is of course reference to the diesel-powered elephant in the room, the all-over black and white checker print that adds a fun twist to an otherwise conservative look. Our best guess for how to style this wacky combo has to be ‘just have fun with it’ and don’t be afraid to clash. Heck, it even clashes with itself! But that’s why we’re obsessed. Checkmate.

Available for $770 from Clutch Cafe.