The Flat Head’s Popular 3002 Is Available Again

When I worked in denim retail, one of the most consistent questions I got was, “What happened to The Flat Head?”

To tell the truth, I never quite found out. And I was surprised to see that after reported bankruptcy and some political turmoil within the brand, the Flat Head’s most iconic pieces are being released once again. Their 3002 cut, an unsanforized slim taper, is made of one of raw denim’s most temperamental fabrics, but people love it to death.

The denim weighs in at 14.5 oz. with indigo warp threads that have been dyed 24 times. This gives an extremely saturated finish that can yield incredible fades and this is evident in our fade archives. In the years of Flat Head’s absence, the skinny fit has begun to fall slightly out of favor and it’ll be interesting to see how this second-coming brand adapts to the times.

But until then, all you skinny jean fanatics can grab a pair of these legendary jeans. Just pay attention to the size charts, these things are small and shrink a ton. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Available for $409AUD (~$327USD) at Corlection