Be a Lefty with Naked & Famous’ 13.75 oz. Left Hand Twill Selvedge Denim Jacket

When the Type III trucker came to town in the 1960s, it quickly became a mainstream hit and a staple amongst everyone from laborers and hippies, to musicians and students – to name but a few groups. It’s been so influential that it still makes waves today – just look in any high street menswear store. But to invest in one that’s made to a high standard,  looks great, and look even better with age, you need to divert your attention from the mass-made truckers to something from a brand that gives a shit.

Luckily for you, a real catch washed up on shore. The Left Hand Twill Selvedge Denim Jacket in 13.75 oz denim from Naked & Famous celebrates the OG of previous generations but with a modern twist. Left hand twill bro. Know what that means? Vertical fades y’all. Woven on vintage shuttle looms, this jacket’s indigo rope-dyed fabric is nothing to mess around with and makes it a truly special piece. Made in Canada and finished with satisfying contrast stitching, blue selvedge ID, and the addition of slant side pockets in addition to the quintessential 2 chest pockets, for a denim jacket that can keep on truckin’, look no further.

Available for $259 from Cultizm.