Kiriko Offers Japanese Exclusive Kit Kat Flavors

There’s always been a buzz around Japan’s unique variations on the classic Kit Kat chocolate bar. If Instagram is anything to go by, many tourists prioritize hitting a grocery store to buy some oddball Kit Kat flavors when visiting Japan. I mean,  Mt. Fuji is cool and all, but, Sweet Potato Kit Kats? You can hardly blame ’em.

If you want to sample some of Japan’s Kit Kat delights, Kiriko has made some of the wildest Japan-exclusive flavors available to buy in the US. Milk Tea, Matcha, Strawberry Chocolate Gateau — even Chestnut — there is some serious wafer-centered discovery to be had here. Don’t like sweet stuff? Gift a unique flavor to the sugar-lovin” Japanophile in your life and watch their face light up.

Available for $6.99 from Kiriko.