‘The Coyote’ is Iron & Resin’s Exclusive EDC Blade by Lost Sasquatch

The Coyote from Iron & Resin might just be your next daily carry – if a highly functional, handmade American blade is your thing. Crafted in Santa Ynez at the Lost Sasquatch forge from AEBL steel (a blend of stainless and high carbon steel), this 7″ blade is strong enough to keep its edge for a long time, and is stain/corrosion resistant. But wait, there’s more.

The beautiful ergonomic handle is made from Ipe Wood, a sustainable wood that’s sure to last a lifetime. One of this blade’s quirky details that you don’t see on every knife is its hidden compartment between the handle panels that contains some useful accessories – fishing wire, fish hooks, paracord, waxed wick cord, and a fishing snare. This knife was made for the outdoorsman. Did we mention there’s a bottle opener at the butt-end of the handle, too? Salut.

Featuring nickel hardware, an Iron & Resin embossed anchor logo on one side of the blade, and a Lost Sasquatch logo on the other, the knife comes housed in a handmade copper rivet-reinforced leather sheath you can secure to your belt. Now all you need is some things to cut!

Available for $350 from Iron & Resin.