Fade Friday – Cushman Lot. 22040 8 oz. Denim Pant (3 Years, Unknown Washes)

If you like denim but need a break from the 5-pocket, riveted lifestyle, you can’t do much better than Cushman‘s 8 oz. Denim Pants. Modeled after a work pant/chino but made from lightweight denim, you can achieve an old-school straight cut while getting some monster fades in. But you don’t have to trust your friendly neighborhood Heddels writer, ask Nick in the UK, who has been nursing a pair for 3 years.

Within that time he’s done it all from the car repairs and housing renovation to countless days out in the world at large. Washed as needed and worn hard, the results speak for themselves. Great yellow-green hughes mixed with varying degrees of energetic indigo, check. Crepe cake creasing on the lap that grows sparse along the knees, check. Bright back pocket and knee fades, check. Years left in the tank for wear and tear, check. Inspection complete. See you at the next tune-up, Nick.

Cushman Lot. 22040 8oz Denim Pant

  • Fabric: 100% cotton 8oz. Japanese denim
  • Made in: Japan
  • Fit: Straight leg
  • Available at: Clutch Cafe for $255