Fade Friday – Blue in Green NYC Jeans (10 Years, 12+ Washes)

Lou in New York is keeping it local with his pair of Blue in Green jeans that he’s had in the rotation for over 10 years now. Giving them the suds about 12 times during the last decade, their hygiene has been… disciplined to say the least.

Worn on the daily, these jeans are evidently a beater pair. From using them around the house and working on his car  to running errands around town, they have seen many, many hard-earned miles in their lifetime. And before you say ‘Hey Lou, take it easy on them‘, their origin story might fill in some blanks as to why our guy can be so carefree.

In classic NYC fashion, Lou found these jeans at a thrift shop in Brooklyn for $5 which means all bets were off. No need to pamper or baby them. Instead, it was time to put them to the test. Now are you starting to see where they got their badges of honor? Linear ceasing throughout. A washed-out indigo evolution that shows plenty of shades. Even some excellent patina power on the leather patch ’round back. This is the magic of continual, impartial wear. Just put them on and go. And since we don’t know the specific model name or number, it’s fair to say they will be known as the Louie Louies until further notice.