5 Pairs Of Raw Denim For Summer

Even the most devout denim heads have a hard time pulling on their favorite 16 oz. baby blues during the summer months.  After soaking them with sweat during a short walk to school, the grocery store or even the mailbox, heavy jeans can feel like a damp winter blanket clinging to your legs.

However, thanks to a few manufacturers making jeans from lighter, summer weight denim, there’s no need to swap out jeans for shorts or chinos during the dog days.

1. Raleigh Denim – Raw Wilson Trouser

On the heavier end of the summer weight denim spectrum, Raleigh Denim offers their Raw Wilson Trousers cut from 10.5 oz., ring-spun indigo canvas woven at Cone Mills White Oak Plant in Greensboro, NC.

The Wilson Trouser is a slim-fitting jean and features detailing like traditional trouser pockets and red tonal selvedge stitching (photo source: UnionMade)




2. Williamsburg Garment Company – South 1st Street Raw Gray Jeans

Williamsburg Garment Company offers their South 1st Street Raw Gray Jeans, cut from denim weighing in at 10.25 oz. per yard.  The South 1st Street Raw is available in a straight fit with little to no taper in the leg (photo source: Williamsburg Garment Company).



3. Naked & Famous – Greycast Lightweight Selvedge

Now, say what you will about Naked & Famous and their tendency to produce off-kilter raw denim, but the Canadian company has championed the summer weight denim market. N&F offers a 10 oz. Greycast Lightweight Selvedge denim in their Weird Guy and Regular Guy Fits (photo source: Tate + Yoko).




4. Naked & Famous – Double Weave Gauze Denim

N&F’s Double Weave Gauze Denim is a 10 oz. offering finished with a cotton gauze interior and marketed for warmer weather (photo source: Tate + Yoko).



5. Naked & Famous – Lightweight Painter Jean

And if cotton-lined, 10 oz. denim is still too heavy for your delicate legs, Naked & Famous offers the Lightweight Painter Jean, sewn from denim weighing in at a feathery 5 oz. per yard (photo source: Tate + Yoko).




Now that companies are sewing jeans from more breathable, lighter-weight fabric, there’s no excuse not to #StayRaw during the summer, even when the heat waves are at their nastiest.

Stay Raw!

– Sam

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