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Unbranded Raw Selvedge Chambray 10 Oz. Neckties

As Unbranded continues to evolve and expand into new categories, we are introduced to the Raw Selvedge Chambray Necktie. Weighing in at a comfortable 10 Oz., the sister company of Naked & Famous and Paul Rose demonstrates they are capable of delivering the same value in a form and function outside of jeans.

Similar to the recently released Unbranded 21 Oz. Heavyweight Collection, the Chambray Necktie is sure to be popular amongst general denim heads and Unbranded enthusiasts alike; especially given how suitable this garment is for any occasion and time of the year.


  • Name: Unbranded Raw Selvedge Chambray Necktie
  • Weight: 10 Oz.
  • Fit: One Size
  • Material: Raw Selvedge Chambray Denim
  • Colors: Blue, Red