Nudie Jeans Co. Harry Organic 13.5 Oz. Selvedge Blazer

For its Fall Winter 2013 Capsule Collection, Nudie Jeans Co. have gone full Bing Crosby, following suit (excuse the pun) from LVC‘s reproduction of the famous jacket by releasing their own iteration, the Harry Organic Selvedge Blazer. Unlike LVC‘s counterpart, the blazer is constructed out of a 13.75 Oz. denim exclusive to the Nudie Jeans Co. and wasn’t designed in a nod to years gone by. It instead sports a slimmed down, modern silhouette, which makes working it into your wardrobe a tad easier.

Nudie Jeans Co. Harry Organic Selvedge Blazer

In terms of details, the Harry Blazer features a 3-button closure, two large pockets with a flap to secure your valuables and a working cuff, should you ever need to roll the sleeves up and get stuck in. The 13.75 Oz. selvedge denim that was developed for Nudie Jeans Co. has a red i.d. line, visible on the exterior and interior breast pocket’s, and is woven from 100% cotton. The inside of the blazer is thoughtfully lined with a black material, leaving open the possibility to pair the Harry Blazer with a crisp white shirt.

Nudie Jeans Co. Harry Organic Selvedge Blazer

From the photos, it’s plain to see that the Harry Blazer works equally well with either a simple oxford shirt or layered over a chunky knit when the mercury drops. In our opinions, the blazer really stands out when paired with one of Nudie‘s darker washed jeans, or, better yet, a pair of crisp raw denim.

Nudie Jeans Co. Harry Organic Selvedge Blazer selvedge detailing

The rest of Nudie Jeans Co.‘s Fall Winter 2013 line is comprised of some seasonally appropriate outerwear, thick knitwear and some neutral shirting, all of which compliment their raw denim offerings.


    • Name: Nudie Jeans Co. Harry Organic Selvedge Blazer
    • Fabric: 13.75 Oz. 100% cotton selvedge denim
    • Other Details:
      • Selvedge breast pocket
      • 3-button closure
      • Working cuff
      • Interior lining to protect from indigo bleed
    • Available at: Nudie Jeans Co. for 4999 SEK ($749.00 USD)