Rogue Territory 14.5oz Black Warp Denim: Close-Up Look

Rogue Territory Black Warp Fit

A couple weeks ago we introduced Rogue Territory‘s FW’13 collection that included a pretty impressive range of shirts, jackets, and jeans. Not only were there new styles and products, a few of them included a new fabric from Nihon Menpu Mills that they hadn’t previously used before.

Woven exactly like their signature 14.5oz indigo denim, this denim is a black warp and white weft denim that we’ve seen many times with other brands. What’s interesting about what Rogue Territory has done with this black denim is the choice they’ve made to feature it in various styles and thread colours.

Rogue Territory Black Warp Cuffs

Typically, black denim is stitched together using gray or black thread which gives these jeans a very specific uniform look that allows them to showcase the fabric. Rogue Territory offers the tonal stitching option in both their Stanton and SK fits but also decided to offer it in the Stanton with a contrast camel colored thread that gives the jean the look of a traditional indigo jean but with black denim.

As discussed in our feature of Samurai‘s Black Hawk denim, black denim tends to take more time and wear to achieve fading and a worn in look but when given enough time and wear, it gives way to a unique look that is different from indigo denim.

Since pictures of black denim that has been worn in and faded are much harder to come by, we hope to see more pictures of these jeans in a few months after people have worn these jeans in. Without further ado, we’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talk.

Rogue Territory Black Warp Fit

Rogue Territory Black Warp Sides

RogueTerritory Black Warp Front

Rogue Territory Black Warp Closeup