Pure Blue Japan’s Slubby 18oz. XX-013-18

Sultans of slubPure Blue Japan‘s latest jean delivers the goods in a low-tension package we’ve come to expect. The fabric on this slim tapered jean is an updated version of their heavyweight 18 oz. slubby denim and is hairy with plenty of texture.

18oz. may not seem crazy heavy for those familiar with PBJ’s scale-tipping XX-005-24, but they’ve managed to incorporate way more character, chatter, and irregularity into this denim than you normally see at heavier weights.

It comes in a slim taper fit in both raw and one washed versions, both of which promise a ton of fade potential down the line. With fall on its way, this can be your next raw denim project.


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan XX-013-18
  • Fabric: Japanese slub indigo selvedge denim
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Fit: Slim taper
  • Unique Features:
    • Leaf logo
    • Lambskin leather patch
    • Hidden rivets
  • Available for $245 at Okayama Denim