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New York Market Week AW 16: Liberty Fairs Part II

We’ve arrived at our final round of updates from this season’s New York Market Week. See below for our last look at what the brands this season had on offer.

Helm Boots

Austin’s bootmakers Helm Boots were back with a few new styles including an updated Chelsea, a ripple/wedge sole, and a closed throat oxford style chukka.


Business continues as usual at San Francisco’s Tellason, who have expanded to their first synthetic piece, a Japanese nylon camo print anorak. All of the other beloved staples from the Tellason line continue on and many in new Italian and Japanese fabrics as high quality domestic fabrics become sadly more and more difficult to source.

Ladywhite Co.

The man with the white t-shirts has expanded his oeuvre. Phil Proyce of Ladywhite Co. has conquered the next frontier with his brand–sleeves! Look forward to long sleeve tees and sweats in the future as well as continued experimentation with new colors.

Old Hands

Meet Old Hands, one of the only brand new brands we’re covering this season. The Japanese label takes inspiration from American work and military wear of the 30s and 40s, which is certainly nothing new, but designer Taka Kaneki certainly has skilled hands indeed. The fabric selection is on point–just fuzzy enough bedford cloth, stitched in pinstripes, even the denim on the Type I-esque blouson was impressive, and the designs are there to match. Keep an eye on this one.


Spiewak continues to build out their multiple lines of military inspired outerwear, all they way down to the details and the fabrics. This upcoming season’s collection includes notes like carbon fiber buttons, Nomex (fire and radiation resistant) blended parkas, and a new jacket collab with Danner.


Speaking of Danner, the Oregon based hiking boot maker continues to make strides into all segments of the market. Their lightweight, late 80s inspired Jag boot is coming out in several more colorways, including a bright red. The Cheryl Strayed Wild version of the Mountain Light is now available in men’s and their recently decommissioned Marine Corps combat boot is finally available to the public.

Freenote Cloth

The team from San Juan Capistrano usually wows with their denim, but this time around is was the corduroy that got our attention–wide wale is back! For you non-cord connoisseurs, this means that big nubbly type of corduroy that you could often only find in the big and tall section of Brooks Brothers is back again in capable hands. Freenote has incorporated it into two fits of trousers, accents on their moto jacket, and a trucker type jacket that looks and feels like a puppy cocker spaniel.

Also on hand was a broken twill jacket, a new version of their Rambler fatigues, and a selection of knives made with denim resin-ed handles.

The Living Room

Finally, this season saw Liberty expanding into home goods in a section dubbed “The Living Room”. The Living Room played host to 14 home and kitchen brands assembled by Knickerbocker MFG’s Andrew Livingston and Luis Paladino, the reaction was strong, so look forward to curating more than just your closet in the future.

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