Burgus Plus Lot.71928 Type I Denim Jacket

Constructing an elaborate jacket in the tradition of Levi’s Type 1 is a complicated endeavor. Balancing respectful reference with relevant updates, and simply including all the little design details, takes a lot of work. Luckily, Japan’s 67-year industry vets Hinoya have taken the plunge via their in-house denim brand, Burgus Plus.

This version is made with once-washed natural selvedge indigo denim. Historically accurate details include the metal cinch buckle at the back waist, two knife pleats on either side of the placket, and rectangular stitches flanking the buttons and buttonholes.

The buttons have been updated to a subtle dark finish, which makes the jacket a bit dressier, and additional selvedge is cleverly shown off through the design of the back cinch. The chest pocket rivets are reinforced with leather washers.

Lot.71928 Type I is billed as more of an everyday piece than an art investment: it will only set you back $226. Available at Denimio.