Fade Friday – Railcar Fine Goods Spikes for Old North (1 Year, 8 Months, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

We love it when jeans tell a story, but sometimes the owner’s stories are even better. Will Breedlove from Asheville, North Carolina wore these Railcar Fine Goods Old North edition Spikes for just under two years and has plenty of tales to go along with them.

From hauling around Asheville by foot to hiking around Pisgah National Forest, Will and his jeans have seen a lot together. Like many in search of great fades, he was trying to hold off as long as possible before that first wash, but when one fateful Thanksgiving eve ended with a friend’s dog relieving himself right onto Will’s leg, it was definitely time for a bath.

Many months and a couple more washes later, these babies are looking great with picturebook whiskering and thigh fades to the near white rear area and heavily patina‘d patch. They are currently taking a visit to Indigo Proof for some small crotch repairs, but these Spikes still have a lot of life left.