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Fade of the Day – W.H. Earl Walnut Belt (1.5 Years)

What happens when you wear your favorite light-colored leather belt with your favorite pairs of indigo jeans for over a year-and-a-half straight? It gets worn out and worn in. Today’s Fade of the Day is actually a patina sent in to us by Zack Tyman of NYC, where he rocked this W.H. Earl Walnut Belt for 18 months of city living, all of which is reflected by the personalized wear marks on this strip of leather.

When it comes to how often Zack wears this belt, he doesn’t have many limitations. From the office to social activities with friends, to trekking around New York City, it’s safe to say he has it on the majority of the time he is out in the world. In all this time and through all of these experiences, this Walnut Belt has taken on a whole new darker hue—mixed with heavy indigo runoff—for a personalized and well worn-in look that any leather fanatic would yearn for.

W.H. Earl Walnut Leather Belt

  • Material: Hermann Oak Vegetable Tan Leather
  • Material source: USA
  • Made in: USA
  • Additional Details:
    • Stained with organically grown USA walnut hulls
    • Brass hardware
    • Waxed edges
    • Tear drop holes
  • Available at: W.H. Earl for $85