Eternal 52207 Type I Lightweight Denim Jacket

Eternal, of the Okayama Prefecture in Japan, may have been dealing with a bit of indecision when it came to time to design the 52207 Type I Lightweight Denim Jacket.

Sure, it’s a take on the illustrious Type I of Levi’s fame, with a single front pocket on the wearers left breast and double front pleats on each side of the front button closure. But it’s also longer than actual Type I’s or even the higher priced and more niche versions that have been offered in more contemporary times.

It’s as if they set out with Type I ambitions, but, when the boss wasn’t looking, said “screw it” and turned the thing into a shirt by dropping the length of the sleeve and the body, lightening the weight of the denim, and bringing in the collar closer to the neck. It’s also been given a wash just like most of Eternal’s products.

Besides being produced in the Kojima district of the city of Kurashiki, famed for its denim output, here’s a gem of product knowledge in Eternal’s own words: “It is not a thick wall so you can wear a handy piece. Silhouette is normal.”

There you go.

They’re going for £199.90 (~$258USD) over at Son Of A Stag.