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Japan Blue Aims High with Their Hi Taper JB0612-J Jeans

Momotaro’s more accessibly priced sub-brand, Japan Blue, just released the once-washed, sanforized JB0612-J upon the world, and it’s aimed firmly at those who prefer a high-rise jean with a taper. It makes sense, after all — low-rise has been a bit passé for a minute now and mid-rise suffers from a bit of the ‘same-old’ syndrome. Denimheads love a bit of differentiation, and it’s high time that high-rise is back en vogue.

The strong 16.5oz. red-line selvage fabric uses a blend of both USA and Australian cottons in an uneven 6×6 yarn shape to provide a nice irregularity to the weave and a slubby texture, which translates to satisfying fades.

Available for $225 at Context Clothing.