Novesta x Oi Polloi Corduroy Star Master Sneakers

There’s a lot of talk about denim here, obviously. We spotlight denim jeans, denim shirts, denim jackets, even denim shoes… but what about the corduroy freaks out there?

Hello? Anyone?

Well, they probably exist. And if they do, they’ll love the hell out of these Star Master Sneakers from Novesta and Oi Polloi. These sneakers feature all the things you love about Novesta: the chunky vulcanized gum sole, chrome eyelets, and the fact that they’re not Converse. But the upper comes in a wide-wale corduroy that’s sure to please all you cord lovers in the audience.

So if you want to assemble a “Cambridge Tuxedo” (a phrase I made up for an all-cord outfit), then these sweet sneaks are the place to start.

Available for $73 at Oi Polloi.