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Stevenson Overall’s Reversible Bucket Hat is Twice the Hat

Let’s be honest, the bucket hat game isn’t for everyone. And after overtaking the streetwear scene in recent years, it’s no surprise that many guys won’t even consider adorning one in public, for risk of bring confused for someone who doesn’t know how to dress themselves. However, if you’ve been on the fence about taking the leap, Stevenson Overall Co. has whipped one up in their own specs and style that will give you twice the bang for your buck. Literally.

The brand’s new Reversible Bucket Hat is actually more vintage-inspired than you may realize, designed in a shape similar to that of Daisy Mae hats worn by the US military in the ’30s and ’40s. This playful take features three different 10oz. 100% cotton Japanese fabrics that give you some options when it comes to choosing which side to wear, and they manage to combine rich indigo hues, wabash stripes, and plain white selvedge material all in one package.

It comes in a one size fits all—able to be worked with soaking and stretching to fit your melon properly — so all you have to worry about is which way to wear it.

Available for $173 at Corlection.