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JWJ Brand Grabs Zimbabwe Cotton and Natural Indigo for a Duo of Raw Denim Jeans

JWJ continues down the path toward denim glory, having recently released a two-piece set of jeans that could very well have you reconsidering where you want to direct your paycheck. Dubbed the J-1948, it’s cut with a vintage ’40s silhouette and you can have your pick of either a Zimbabwe cotton 14oz. red selvedge denim or a natural indigo 14oz. white selvedge denim, both woven in Japan. If you’re really about it, I suppose you can get both.

And while you’d certainly be forgiven if you spent your time ogling the fabric, the tucked belt loops, the YKK copper hardware, and the hand-burnished Hermann Oak veg-tan leather patch, most of the fun is on the inside.

The button fly uses a single-piece construction method, which not only results in some flashy selvedge detailing, but also makes for a stronger fly. All the hardware — rivets and buttons — is reinforced with leather washers for added strength. And, keen eyes will notice the seams are felled using a single needle, which is a process that takes double the amount of time to complete, but produces a cleaner result.

You can find the J-1948 Zimbabwe for €240 (~$295USD) and the J-1948 Natural Indigo for €280 (~$345USD) at JWJ.