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Miloh Puts Up a Trio of Custom White’s Boots

Walking in step with Spokane’s own White’s Boots, Canadian retailer, Miloh, has drafted a trio of custom boots, each one with their own flavor.

What we have are three variations on some of White’s most beloved styles. These hand-crafted, made-in-the-USA boots employ the sort of rugged materials and attention to detail that helps them seamlessly fit right in amongst the classic, hard-wearing aesthetic found at Miloh Shop in Vancouver, so it should come at no surprise that these two teamed up on these special editions.

With hand-welted construction on each option, double leather and/or Vibram soles, structured, unstructured and partially structured toes with water buffalo, calf or roughout leather uppers, there’s sure to be something for every boot lover out there. But if you fancy any (or all) of these options, the pre-order ends June 25th, so you’d better step on it.

The Distressed Brown Roughout Smoke Jumper on the 4811 Last is $420CAD

The Brown Chromexcel Bounty Hunter on the 55 Last is $430CAD

The Black Cherry Water Buffalo Bounty Hunter on the 55 Last is $430CAD

All prices shown are the 50% up-front deposit with the remaining 50% due once the pair has been made, 8-10 weeks later.