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Dr. Collectors Performs Tasteful Reworks of Vintage Levi’s

Everyone wants that perfect pair of Levi’s, but not as many have the time or patience to break ’em in, especially if you’re fading your way through multiple jeans. Luckily for you lazy bums, there’s Dr. Collectors.

The L.A.-based brand was recently featured for their cool reworked Aloha shirts, and now they’re giving that same treatment to well-worn vintage Levi’s. No two pairs are alike, but all of their rips and tears have been lovingly repaired and they’re ready for new homes.

Oftentimes, when designers rework old Levi’s, they go a bit overboard, but Dr. Collectors keeps things low-key and tasteful. Because if you’re ever going to get a pre-faded pair, it should at least be a vintage one. One that’s been well-worn and lived in.

You can inherit the second-hand wabi-sabi for $150 from The Trading Post.