Golden Bear’s Suede Trucker Jacket is One to Take to the Grave

Good leather can last you more than a few decades, and if you see yourself wearing jackets anytime between now and your death bed, you might want to consider one that will last you until you say goodbye to this cruel world. Golden Bear‘s been in the business of leather jackets ever since your grandpa kept the bench warm at his junior varsity football games, and even though their Holden Jacket isn’t the type of jacket pappy would’ve sewn his JV letter to, it’s one he would’ve approved of.

It takes after Type III denim jackets and is made from a tan calf suede with contrasting leather trim at the collar for caressing your neck in times of loneliness. And, it comes with a black watch plaid flannel lining for when there’s no one else to keep you warm.

Available for $1010 at Mr. Porter.