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Soundman’s Bernard Vest is Also a Giant Pocket

Soundman’s Bernard Hunting vest is hitting stores and it’s a solid option for hunting (for mushrooms) or as a hands-free tote for your EDC.

The Bernard vest features a massive pocket that wraps around all the way to the back, so you can stuff your truffles, oysters, and chanterelles. Inspired by British militaria and American workwear, Soundman’s crafted a vest to pair with the jacket that inspired it, the Brush smock.

Made in Japan, the vest is borderline technical with it’s fully taped seams and paraffin-waxed cotton weather cloth, so you can wear it rain or shine. Other features include adjustable metal snap button closures, two large flap military style pockets at the hip for even more ‘shroom room.

Available for $348 at Clutch Cafe.