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Kiriko’s Modern Noragi Returns

If I had a dollar for every brand trying to give medieval Japanese garments a modern facelift, I’d be a very rich man. But if you only gave a dollar for every brand who really aced that cultural/design balancing act…well, I wouldn’t have all that many dollars in that case.

Kiriko comes back with their reimagined Modern Noragi jacket, one that definitely would be worth giving me a dollar for. They’re all made in the USA, based off a vintage piece from over 100 years ago. In the spirit of the original piece, Kiriko is very serious about not wasting any fabric, just like their predecessors making these jackets in the good, old days. Available in a number of colors and materials, all of the Noragi will make excellent summertime layering pieces. Heavy twills, sashi-ori, and cotton/linen blends are all options.

Best of all, the fit of the Noragi has been modernized as well, giving you smaller pockets and not-so-billowy sleeves. Kiriko really knocked it out of the park here, by channeling the spirit of the original archaic piece and giving it a modern upgrade that isn’t so obtrusive as to change the overall vibe.

Available from $169 at Kiriko.