Go Space Gardening with Sassafras’s New Collection

Sassafras has a charmingly quaint worldview; their focus on well-made, military-inspired classics is endearingly subverted by their mission to make clothes for gardening and enjoying nature. Many of their fabrics and styles have had violent histories in our armed services, but Sassafras converts them as best they can for a sweeter, simpler future.

Oddly (but pleasantly) enough, this pastoral Japanese brand has timed their newest release for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (we think). At least that’s what their Space Gardening T-Shirt leads us to believe with that gorgeous “SASA” print. The rest of the newest drop stays true to the Sassafras classics. Take, for example, the Garden Hole Jacket, which mixes a coach’s jacket, a chore coat, and a classic Barbour, all with a cord collar and big chunky pockets.

The bottoms are just as functional and well-made. Their Fall Leaf Pants come in a great vintage-y camo that reminds me of my dad’s old G.I. Joes. Their big pockets, high rise, and not-too-short inseam should make for a great pair of pants to take with you on your sweaty, outdoor adventures this summer. And there are longer options too! The Fall Leaf Sprayer Pant is a long-standing classic from the brand with wraparound pockets and extra internal pockets – basically a cargo pant with less of the bulk and all of the practicality. Lastly, there’s the Digs Crew Spray Pant is another relaxed fit, big-pocketed option that, like its brethren is fully made in Japan to the highest standards.

Are these all tied together under the same cohesive space theme? Who’s to say? But we know that Sassafras is fully committed to making hardcore militaria for the peace-loving gardener in all of us.

Whole collection is available from $108CAD (~$85USD) at  Lost & Found.