Shetland Sweater Season is Here and so is Harley of Scotland

There are certain things that everyone should have and a beautiful wool sweater is high on that list. You don’t want any old sweater, so maybe look to a classic maker with the historical chops you desire before you take the plunge.

Harley of Scotland’s Shetland Sweaters certainly fit the bill. The brand began in 1929 and made hearty Fair Isle sweaters for local fishermen. (And honestly, you only want a sweater if a Scottish fisherman would wear it, I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.) Not only does Harley have the history, but they’ve also continued to modernize their process, now using a seamless knitting technique, instead of the old piecemeal style of production. They’ve also dialed in on a slimmer, modern fit and now produce their legendary sweaters made from equally legendary Scottish wool in a slew of colors that might have been a little too loud for Scottish fishermen in the 1930s.

Honestly, how could you go wrong? A good wool sweater will last you a lifetime and keep you far cozier than most modern, synthetic alternatives. So take the darn plunge and maybe even consider fishing as a career, while you’re at it.

Available for $175 at Brooklyn Tailors.