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Fade of the Day – Aye Denim Blue Brethren (1.5 Years, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Januar Prasetyo from Indonesia has an interesting pair of Aye Denim jeans for today’s Fade of the Day. Januar says he’s logged a year and a half into these jeans and has given them two washes and two soaks.

A quick glance at these jeans show well-worn denim with tons of fading all over the place. We are talking heavenly knee creases, strong honeycombs, and intense indigo loss on the thighs. There are even hand-done crotch repairs to back up the fading. However, a closer look at the jeans show something kinda curious. Look at the lap verses the upper thighs. Normally there is a transition between the darker whisker area and lighter upper thigh. Some sort of natural gradient. However, with this pair, the contrast isn’t just great, its peculiarly straight. I just can’t imagine how this area was faded to achieve this juxtaposition.

Was fowl play involved? It’s hard to see without more evidence. During the meantime, let’s just agree that these jeans are pretty darn fun to look at!

You can follow Januar on Instagram.

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