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Fade Friday – Iron Heart 666 21oz. Jeans (1 Year, 1 Wash)

This week’s Fade Friday introduces us to Philadelphia’s Dennis Beighley and his Iron Heart 21oz 666 denim. For exactly one year and through one wash, Dennis has put these heavy weight jeans through a vigorous regiment which includes a full time construction job, hiking five national parks, renovating his first home, and–just for good measure–upland bird hunting. Although any of these activities over a period if time could yield impressive fades on their own, Dennis didn’t want to play favorites and the results are seismic.

Though the color of the jeans have stayed relatively dark, there is a lot of variation in hues, indicating a thoroughly well seasoned pair. The whiskers possess shadows giving them a uniquely mysterious appearance. If you wanted to see how light the 21oz denim can get, look no further than the seat where there is barely any fading left to do. The star of the show on this pair has to be the honeycombs. Possessing the same shadowy fading as the whiskers, they are thick, evenly spaced, and very deep. And if you were wondering, these jeans are Dennis’s fifth and favorite pair of raws. We can see why.

Iron Heart IH-666 Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: 18 oz.
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Made in: Japan
  • Fit: Slim
  • Additional Details:
    • Poly Thread Stitch
    • American cotton
    • Taped front pocket bag openings
    • Lined back pockets
  • Available at: Self Edge for $320