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Pherrow’s Pays Homage to 1970s Outdoor Wear With a Quartet of Fleeces

It’s almost as cold as Hoth, that means it’s time to start thinking about incorporating some fleece into your rotation, and it’s just our luck that Japan’s Pherrow’s has a new collection of Zip Fleece vests and jackets to rock. Inspired by 70s fleece outdoor wear, the PBJ1 Zip Fleece Vest and Zip Fleece jacket aren’t your average vintage fleece fare. Pherrows spiced things up with 1940s styling and modern details–like the two way zipper front.

These 100% fleece outer shells feature 100% acrylic lining, four Brown’s Beach style pockets, raglan sleeves on the jackets, scooped hem, branded leather pull zipper tab, and if you’re picking up the natural fleece—the ability to blend nearly seamlessly into a snowscape. These wouldn’t be bad items to layer with your other Star Wars cosplay garments to the make believe snow planet of your choice, or you know, with the rest of your cold weather clothes.

Available for $288 (Vest) and $370 (Jacket) at Clutch Cafe.