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Natural Veg Tan Belts – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

We’ve talked about vegetable tanned belts before but it’s a topic worth revisiting. While we stand by all the lists we’ve put together in the past, most of the products listed are now sold out! So if you’re looking for a casual belt that is durable and looks better with each and every wear, and actually want to buy it, then you’ve come to the right place.

1) Guarded Goods: Foundation Belt


1) Guarded Goods: Foundation Belt

If all you want is a top-notch belt that will last you for years then Guarded Goods is the obvious choice. Their veg tan Foundation Belt is made from Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather and features a solid brass buckle that is secured either with brass rivets or waxed thread stitching.

While we love their veg tanned belts, it’s worth noting that their other leathers are just as compelling if you’re looking for something with a bit more color right off the bat.

Available for $105 from Guarded Goods.

2) Vermilyea Pelle: Wenatchee Belt


Vermilyea Pelle makes some fantastic accessories, but their Wenatchee Belt is easily their most exciting product. Made in, you guessed it, Wenatchee, WA, this belt is constructed from Horween Vegetable Tanned leather and features hand-beveled edges, a brass buckle, and Belgian reverse-set black oxide rivets.

But be careful–once you get your hands on one of these belts you’ll likely find yourself with a whole collection.

Available for $85 from Blue Owl.

3) Tanner Goods: Standard Belt

This “Standard Belt” from Tanner Goods clocks in a little bigger than most at a beefy 1.5” wide and made from a 10-11oz. Vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle leather. It’s all made by hand in Tanner’s Portland, Oregon workshop, including dyeing, burnishing, waxing, and riveting the formidable stainless steel roller buckle in place.

While you’re unlikely to find this belt to be the most comfortable you’ve ever worn, especially right off the bat, you can rest assured than your pants won’t be falling down anytime soon.

Available for $105 from the Heddels Shop.

4) First Settlement Goods: Standard Belt


Contex’s  house-brand First Settlement Goods produces some fantastic leather goods, the Standard Belt being among them. Made from Wickett and Craig’s harness leather, which has been greased and glazed to give it more sheen than other forms of veg tan, this belt features a brass buckle that is secured with hand stitching and tear-drop shaped hole to keep the leather from bowing out with wear.

Available for $130 from Context.

5) UES: Vegetable Tanned Belt


UES’s Vegetable Tanned Belt is another great option if you’re looking for a thicker veg tan belt. Made from 5mm thick Japanese veg tan, this belt features a silver-finished iron buckle that is secured with hand stitching and seven buckle holes to ensures easy sizing.

This piece is made in Japan, ensuring the best possible quality is imbued at each step.

Available for $125 from Corlection.

Plus One – Sugar Cane: Studded Belt


Studded belts aren’t for everyone, myself include, but if they’re your thing then you’re in luck. Sugar Cane’s Studded Belt is made in Japan from 4mm thick veg tan and features a steel buckle, double-row steel studs, and a stitched buckle closure.

So if rockabilly fashion is your jam and you have the coin to spare, I think you know what you need to do.

Available for $190 from Self Edge.

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