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Heddels BOROntine Handstitching Home Repair Contest

Sashiko and boro repairs are an age old art form that take countless hours for each meticulously placed hand stitch. Luckily we all have a lot of time on our hands right now, what better way to use it than to get stitching!

A silver lining of a global quarantine is we’re all learning how to make due with less. One of the most essential ways to make things last longer is to repair and keep using what we already have. So we’re having a contest for hand repairs done at home!

It doesn’t matter what kind of garment you’re fixing, whether that’s mending a crotch blowout in your jeans, darning the heel on a pair of socks, or even patching a dishrag—we want to see it! It doesn’t have to be the perfect sashiko pattern or even sashiko at all, just fixed!

BOROntine Contest Rules

  • Document yourself repairing something at home
  • No sewing machines! All repairs must be done by hand
  • Repairs must be STARTED and COMPLETED in the next two weeks, Monday, April 6 (don’t submit things you’ve already done!)
  • All entries must have (at least) a dated before and after photo
  • Submissions will be made digitally via the form below
  • Heddels will pick 10 entries to feature for you all to vote on the winner
  • Winning entry will receive $250 gift card to the Heddels Shop and eternal BOROntine glory, second place gets a bottle of Denim Wash
  • No limit to the number of entries, submit as many repairs as you like
  • Open to everyone worldwide except Matt Rho—leave this one to the amateurs, Matt!
  • Share your repairs-in-progress on Instagram by tagging us @heddels_ in the post or story and using the hashtag #BOROntine

For inspiration, check out our past How To articles on repairs and a few examples of hand-stitched beauty:

Good luck, stay safe, and get stitching!

Submit Here 👇

Entries are now closed. Stay tuned to see what folks have come up with and vote for your favorite!