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Samurai Checks Into Spring With a Sashiko Aloha Shirt

Okay, Samurai Jeans just *insert chess or checker pun*’d the sashiko game with its Indigo Block Check Aloha Shirt.  I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a shirt that I’ve felt more compelled to examine under a magnifying glass.

The sashiko block pattern allows this aloha button-down to be two shirts in one depending on how far away you’re standing. A nice breezy block print or a fireworks display of intricate dyeing and stitching.

Featuring side gussets and timeless cat’s eye buttons, this open-collar shirt will surely be a highlight for the upcoming spring/summer. Though, at this point,  COVID-19 means summer is video chatting your friends using a beach background and wearing sunglasses indoors.

Available for $210 from Okayama Denim