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Corduroy Trucker Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If Trucker jackets are one of the most iconic styles of Americana outerwear, and while most people think of truckers as being made of denim there are some fantastic corduroy trucker jackets out there as well (ven as the temperature climbs). So what makes a jacket a trucker jacket?

Generally speaking they are shorter in the length but with longer sleeves allow one to comfortably sit behind the wheel of a trucker without the sleeves riding halfway up the forearm. While Levi’s Type III pattern is by far the most well known style of trucker jacket, and we’ll certainly explore jackets in that style, we’ll also be showing off other styles of trucker jackets as well.

1) Officine Generale: Leo Corduroy Trucker


Officine Generale’s Leo Corduroy Jacket is a great take on the classic trucker jacket. With its center pleats, waist tabs, and long sleeves, many of the iconic elements of trucker jackets remain, but much of the rest of the pattern are unlike traditional truckers.

That said, the two front pockets and 98%/2% cotton/elastic blend fabric make this jacket a great piece for year-round wear regardless of the weather.

Available for $279 from End Clothing.

2) Gleem: 259 Corduroy Trucker Jacket


Gleem’s 259 Corduroy Trucker Jacket is an interpretation of the classic Type III jacket but with some differences, such as the angle of the chest’s V seams—ordinarily these seams to not meet, but on this jacket they connect at the waistband.

Beyond that you have a fairly classic trucker; in this case an unlined, lightweight corduroy fabric, classic waist tabs, and two buttoned chest pocket.

Available for $235 from Clutch Cafe.

3) Gustin: Corduroy Trucker


If you’re looking for a quality, corduroy trucker jacket for not a lot of money then look no further than Gustin’s Corduroy Trucker Jacket; the one caveat is that their products are crowdfunded, so you both have to wait for an active campaign and be prepared to wait for production.

That said, corduroy trucker jackets are great year round, so even with a wait you’ll likely be able to wear it immediately upon arrival. Their orange color way is a unique option, made from 8oz. 100% cotton corduroy and inspired by Type III truckers. It features two front hand pockets in addition to the traditional flapped chest pockets, which adds additional functionality to this piece.

Available for $134 from Gustin.

4) Engineered Garments: Corduroy Trucker


Engineered Garments’ Corduroy Trucker is another great option for a non-Type III trucker jacket. With its longer-than-usual sleeves, back cinch, and vertical front pleats, this jacket features many of the details that define the style. As is the purpose of this list, this jacket is constructed from corduroy fabric; in this case a mid-brown color, which makes this jacket easy to work into a variety of different wardrobes.

Available for $260 from Goodhood.

5) Iron Heart: 82-J Modified Type III 14W Corduroy Trucker


We would be remiss if we didn’t include an indigo dyed corduroy trucker on this list, and fortunately Iron Heart’s 82-J Modified Type III 14W Corduroy Trucker exists. This jacket has basically all the elements of a perfect trucker:  Type III pattern but with front hand pockets, unlined body for year-round wear, made in Japan for ensured quality, and 14 Wale corduroy that gives a finer look and feel to the fabric.

This jacket also features an elongated body, which makes it less suitable for long bouts of sitting but perhaps more functionality if you’ll be walking around and want a better fit.

Available for $415 from Division Road.

Plus One – Levi’s Vintage Clothing: Type III Corduroy Trucker Jacket Soapbox


Levi’s created the iconic Type III style trucker jacket, so it’s only natural to feature them on this list. That said, Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s Type III Corduroy Trucker Jacket Soapbox is nothing like a traditional trucker.

With its myriad of different corduroy fabrics sewn together to create a single jacket, this piece is the loudest trucker jacket we’ve ever come across. While it certainly won’t appeal to everyone, it’s inarguably a fun piece and we’re glad to see LVC expanding their offerings beyond the norm. So if you’ve ever wanted to dress like a top-it-yourself frozen yogurt now is your chance.

Available for $495CAD (~$364USD) from Lost and Found.

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