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Ramble On With a Smile In Freenote Cloth’s Latest Western Shirt

Now, who doesn’t immediately think of a good time when they hear the phrase ‘honky-tonk’? I’ll take that resounding silence as your agreement. Anyway, Freenote Cloth has gone full western with its latest Rambler shirt in Cream. And while this Honky Tonk honey is without a doubt good ole’ US of A, Freenote has sourced natural cotton selvedge and custom piping from Japan for the occasion.

With western cuff and yoke detailing, the shirt is adorned with custom rope rimmed bone snaps and even shows a lil’ selvedge in the gusset. With double-needle stitch detailing throughout, this beauty lets everyone know you’re up for a barn dance no matter the time of day with its smiley pockets – a lesser-seen western shirt detail.

Available for $260 at Freenote Cloth