Iron Heart Weaves a Check Western Shirt From Peruvian Aspero Cotton

Not all flannels are created equal. The flimsy, mass-market flannels in your closet must start quaking on their hangers when you bring home a new Iron Heart flannel, especially one made with Aspero cotton.

Iron Heart almost exclusively makes beefy products and their flannels are no exception, weighing in at a hefty 12 oz. and constructed with single, double, and triple needle stitching. A select few models of this already legendary flannel are made from Aspero cotton – a wild-growing cotton from the foothills of the Andes in Peru. Aspero grows on trees and can’t be mass-produced, rendering a product that is organic, natural, and incredibly soft.

This particular windowpane western shirt is cut into Iron Heart’s slim western cut and features snaps and other requisite western shirt details. Beyond that, the interior of the flannel is twice brushed, which opens up the threads, making the shirt warmer, and insanely soft.

The perfect pairing for your stiff jeans, treat yourself to a cozy flannel for these not-so-cozy times.

Available at Iron Heart for $350