Iron Heart Re-Ups Its 18 oz. Rendition Of Lee’s 1946 101J Rider Jacket

Iron Heart‘s 18 oz. Vintage Selvedge Denim 1946 Type Rider’s Jacket pays homage to a western workwear icon while showing off their own distinguished flair for the timeless.

Modeled after the Lee 1946 101J Rider’s Jacket, not only did IH turn up the thickness to 11, well technically 18 (oz.), they ensured this Shinya Mills denim was woven at a low tension for an authentic vintage look and feel. So, it should come as no surprise that the cool details don’t end there.

Fitted with brass hardware, felled internal seams, and a selvedge waistband,  this Japan-denim jacket is a sight for sore eyes and a huge lump of indigo-coated temptation for those of you looking to add a 101 silhouette to your denim collection. There is just something about how that denim shimmers, that contrast stitching pops — especially that alluring zig-zag — and the parallel detail seams that run down the torso.

Oh, and not only is the denim sanforized — the jacket is one-washed, too — so you can throw this one straight after tearing the package open. Did I also mention it’s 15% off at the time of writing this? I’ll stop there and let you do your thing.

Available for $327 at Iron Heart