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Cash In With Corlection X Studio D’Artisan’s ‘Indigo Piggy Bank’ Collab

Compared to the average pair of jeans, raw denim breaks the bank but with Studio D’Artisan X Corlection‘s 14.5 oz “Indigo Piggy Bank” jeans in Super Slim and Relaxed Tapered, what’s money when you’re memory bank will be full with experiences in these jeans? Limited to 100 pairs per cut, this collaboration is one you won’t want to miss for many reasons.

Firstly the ‘this run only‘ 14.5 oz red selvedge denim is made from full-grain, long fiber cotton which has been thread dyed with grand indigo and will yield high contrast fading down the road. Then there are the indigo sulfur dyed herringbone twill inner pockets and Saxon Blue and Turquoise Blue arcuates which complete the tasteful blue trifecta.

With the symbolic stamp of approval being a natural tan cowhide leather patch with indigo printed design riffing on SDA’s pig motif, you can’t go wrong when it comes to collectable denim that can be rocked year-round.

Available for ~$278 from Corlection