Beams Plus Made a Brilliant Daisy Mae

Inspired by the iconic US Army work hats of the early 20th century up to the 1940s, Beams Plus has sewn up an Indigo Army hat for your consideration. Affectionately dubbed the “Daisy Mae,” this style of hat served a vital role as a hat for chore work in the U.S. Army, becoming standard issue in indigo denim just prior to WWII. 

Crafted from durable mid-weight indigo cotton, Beams Plus’ Army hat features a six-panel construction, complete with striking contrast stitching. Its wide, structured brim is not just a style statement; it’s your reliable companion for ultimate sun (and rain) protection. 

We typically associate wide-brimmed hats like this with summer, but there’s no reason this piece can’t be your Daisy all year ’round. When is denim not in season? Just pair this with something like a chore coat or a Barbour jacket and you’ve got 50% of a solid fall/winter get-up.

Available for $101 from Hatchet Supply Co.