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Heimat’s U-Boat Is the Quintessential Roll Neck Sweater

A roll-neck sweater has to be one of the best-looking pieces of knitwear ever made. Used primarily in nautical and military settings, there’s just something so darn attractive about this style of garment.

German maker, Heimat, has made an incredibly handsome version of this classic garment in two colors. One, an off-white they’re calling “seashell,” seems like the safe choice, while the other they’re calling “safety red” stands out a bit more. Both are made in Germany from virgin wool and have that classic roll-neck as well as double roll cuffs that allow the wearer to adjust the length of the sleeves. With hand-linked sleeves and hems, this piece requires a bit of breaking in, but will be the inner layer you’ll wish you have when the weather abruptly drops this season. You’ll be warm and debonair – imagine that!

Available for $240 ($216 for Heddels Plus Type 2 members) at Clutch Cafe