Dig Deep In Companion Denim’s Moleskin Fatigue Pants

Companion Denim‘s Moleskin Fatigue Pants are your legs’ newest companion and I can *almost guarantee no moles were harmed in the making of them! Cut, sewn, and finished by no more than 2 pairs of hands in Sabadell, Barcelona – let that sink in for a sec – Companion uses a collection of old and new sewing machines to construct these fatigues, just in case there wasn’t enough character already.

Inspired by military fatigue pants, likely the OG-107 from the Vietnam War, this relaxed fit is suitable for all body types and keeps them versatile, no matter what outfit they’re tasked with supporting.

Constructed from 97% cotton and 3% elastane navy Moleskin, these pants are packed with little easter eggs for you to discover. We’re taking a shell-stitched outseam and fly, corozo anchor buttons on the back pocket flaps, waist adjusting blue corozo nut buttons, chain stitching all over, and a natural cotton herringbone waistband lining. And it’s in these little details that you see the passion come through, something that definitely gets noticed ’round here.

Available for $276 from Companion Denim