Division Road’s Exclusive Bates Ball Cap Is Made From Loro Piana Herringbone

If you believe there’s a ball cap suited for each season, then you might agree that this Division Road-exclusive Bates Ball Cap in Navy Loro Piana Storm System® Herringbone is for winter, thanks to it being housed in 100% New Zealand Virgin Wool. They’re sure to keep your brain warm through the snowy weather while simultaneously deflecting sunshine from your eyes, plus they’re incredibly beautiful in their texture, it’s a win-win-win.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Loro Piana “Storm System®” Herringbone utilized in this cap is weather-resistant, it practically dares its wearer to throw it on during a snowstorm. Natural fibers can be weatherproof, too, and this fabric’s been treated with an eco-friendly solution to keep out excess snowflakes from mingling with your hair product.

The Ball Cap’s classic six-panel design is fitted, so you can grab a custom size to fit on your dome securely, while supplies last. The Cap is lined with Black Satin Acetate lining, features a black Grosgrain band, and is assembled in Estonia.

Available for $200 exclusively from Division Road.