Franklin & Poe Stocked Up On Freenote Cloth’s FJ-1 Leather Jacket

If there was ever a jacket to get my motor running, it’s Freenote Cloth’s FJ-1 modded flight jacket. 

According to the brand itself, it’s the finest jacket Freenote has produced to date, and I can see why. Take a deep breath, people. Made from 1.3mm two-tone calfskin leather from the British tannery Tusting and Burnett – exclusive to Freenote – the jacket features a genuine shearling collar to keep your neck nice and toasty during the winter months, an 11 oz. custom plaid body liner sourced from Japan, 1/8” double-needle stitch detailing throughout, special order repro zippers from Universal Zippers Japan, satin lined sleeves, an action back with elastic bands in the gussets, an interior welt pocket, and an SB Tanning Co. leather patch with the Freenote logo on the inside. And exhale.  

Seriously though, this jacket is special. Once all the various components arrive in Los Angeles for sewing, the jacket is only touched by two people. No conveyor belts. No machines. People. It’s a rarity and should be savored at every opportunity. Yes, it’s pricey, but some high fashion  brands charge the same price just for a logo. The FJ-1 is built to last, and last it shall. Forever, probably. 

Available for $1,600 from Franklin and Poe.