These Arpenteur x Paraboot Chukkas Are Sexy Sesame Stompers

These Arpenteur x Paraboot Sesame suede Chukkas are saying “open sesame” to our wallets. It’s that neutral ‘sesame’ full-grain suede leather upper that does it for me, what a color. And I’d bet good money that you don’t have a chukka like this to chukk on right now.

These all-French collab chukkas are for the mid-height boot lover, or for someone looking for an entry point into fine leather footwear, chukkas are accessible as can be. This chukka version of Paraboot’s iconic Chambord shoe goes with just about anything, especially in this Tahini-esque color which provides a nice contrast to your deep indigo denim and olive drab-laden fits. Just beware of indigo rub on this light-colored suede, it’s gonna happen, no getting around it.

These delicious Sesame suede boots are fully lined with soft goat leather, and feature a Norwegian-style welt that can be re-soled down the line. They come with waxed cotton laces, a removable suede tag (watch your backs Clarks!), and a natural rubber sole.

Available for $513 at Lost & Found.

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