Rocky Mountain Featherbed’s Wind Shirt Blends Coach Jackets with Western Shirts

Rocky Mountain Featherbed leaves the feathers off the bed with the Wind Shirt Classic Taffeta Jacket. Not everything that the eponymous outerwear brand does is filled with insulating feathers, if you didn’t know, this nicely designed windbreaker included.

Maybe it’s not like all the puffy jackets and vests they produce, but you can definitely tell it’s a quality-made RMF piece, what with the hella cool and signature contrasting western style yokes. It’s going to work and hold up just like your other RMF goods, keeping you from the wind and rain in style, without a doubt. This is a safe jacket to own and wear regularly even if the sky’s not falling outside your door.

Made in Japan, the Coach Jacket-inspired Wind Shirt is fashioned with branded snaps, easy-to-secure snap button front placket, dual flap-closure hip pockets, snap button-adjusting cuffs, drawstring waistband with toggles to ensure there’s no wind climbing up your shirt, locker loop, and RMF tag.

Available for $315 ($283.50 for Heddels+ Subscribers) from Clutch Cafe.