The Flat Head’s Legendary Heavyweight Loopwheel Tees are Now Available in Dark Orange

A legendary garment from a legendary brand is what we have here with the Loopwheeled Heavyweight Plain T-shirt from Japanese Americana repro specialists, The Flat Head.

This baby is made from premium long-staple U.S cotton in Wakayama, Japan — a region famed for its end-tier cotton jersey knitting. For those wondering why such a simple item is receiving such fanfare, it’s all down to the technique used to construct it. A loopwheel machine rotates around 10x slower than its modern equivalent at just 24 revs per minute and only utilizes the tension from gravity in the knitting process. The resulting 9.3 oz. heavyweight fabric is both super soft and strong due to the absence of any inbuilt stress or tension. Add to that the fact that this beauty boasts a triple-stitched reinforced collar which will prevent any stretching over the years, and you have one very special t-shirt.

Sure, we’ve spoken about these tees before, but not in this new ‘dark orange’ colorway, which has landed right in time for the frazzling heat we’re facing in many parts of the world, as well as the boom of the 60s/70s color palette. You know what to do.

Available now from Redcast Heritage priced at $86.