Fade Friday – Sage Ranger East (2 years, 6 Washes)


Faded raw selvedge denim jeans by Indonesian label, Sage.

Get your shades on — this week’s Fade Friday comes with an official warning of bright fades.

Eka in Indonesia has been rocking with their Sage Ranger East Denim for 2 years now and has put them through 5 or 6 washes while going about day-to-day life. But it turns out they started life as a competition jean. For 10 months straight, Eka ran these in Sage’s Great Wild Voyage Denim competition in which he was awarded 3rd place. Feeling good about his fade streak, he saw no reason to end the party earlier, hence the check-in 14 months after.

From daily work and cycling to going out on the town, our formidable fader has squeezed a lot of indigo out of these poor things in much less time than you’d think it would take. Offsetting deep, rich blue hues towards the hem and waistband, we’re witnessing some truly piercing wear sites from the crater-laden knees and soundwave whiskers to the wading pool honeycombs. Come to think of it, there is not one single part of these jeans not creased. But it’s the general wear on the thighs, seat, and calves that are the overachievers here and make for an incredible look. One that will surely be tough to replicate.

You can catch up with Eka on Instagram @lunarbleu_