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The Real McCoy’s Applied Seal Brown Flight Jacket Leather to Zip Wallet

Fans of what’s not broken and doesn’t need fixing, check out The Real McCoy’s‘ MW17100 Horsehide Wallet in Seal Brown. This is a classic wallet style courtesy of everyone’s favorite Japanese reproduction brand, who are likely bigger experts on old-timey American fashion than anyone else doing it right now. No one else does it quite at the same level of dedication and passion as these folks. They have a hand in the production of all of the materials involved in their garments, and of course, their garments are constructed by highly detailed, dedicated craftspeople.

The wallets in question are meticulously crafted reproductions of vintage-style zippered wallets. Truly, these are near-perfect wallets, and they’re not even a modern design. They’ve got a roomy interior with internal zippered pouch inside – perfect for all your cash, cards, coins, and even your lint collection. The Wallet is all made in RMCs leather goods factory, with a matching horsehide leather pull, contrasting brown taped seam, contrast stitching, and custom zippers.

But what’s truly special about this particular wallet is the fact that McCoy’s went and used the same custom vegetable-tanned horsehide leather they use on their repro of the Seal Brown Horsehide A2 jacket, a material that’s iconic in the world of flight jackets. As well as being a gorgeous tone of brown, it’s soft/super durable stuff — perfect for a zippered pouch like this. It literally matches your A2 jacket, which has us wondering how no one has paired their bomber/flight jacket material with small goods already.

Available for $190 from Lost & Found.

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