Fade Friday – Samurai S31106 17 oz. (5 Years, Unknown Washes)

Heddels reader, Heavy, might be over in the UK and his Samurai jeans might have been proudly manufactured in Japan — but these jeans are undeniably all-American. Modeled after some Levi’s bucklebacks, Heavy’s 17 ouncers look like they’ve been treated to a life on the ranch working from dawn to dusk wrangling horsies and cows or whatever those guys do, gathering crease after crease, fade after fade with every clip of the spur or lasso toss. And then when they were done with, they were gently hung on a nail in the outbuilding till they got called upon again the next day.

This, of course, is just hearsay as Mr. H didn’t leave us any clues to work with. But I mean, it’s heavily implied based on the look of these jeans after 5 years. With their coarse texture, piercing whiskers, light blue seat, and symmetrical honeycombs, all roads lead to some truly authentic wear. However, it’s that unpolished, grimy, raggedy quality that’ll win the judges over at the 4H fair. I mean look at those cuff lines. And that jerky tag? Come on.